When we moved to a new neighborhood, our old pet-sitter said she was no longer able to make the drive. I was devastated because we had used her for over a decade! I did not think I could find anyone who I would feel as comfortable with. I interviewed several pet sitters to find a replacement, and no one seemed quite right. Then, I found Mary at Golden Paws!

Mary is outstanding! She was willing to come by for several "getting to know you" visits. Some of my dogs are very shy, and I was nervous about how they would do with a new person. Mary really put in the extra time and work to make sure my dogs were comfortable.

I was gone for two weeks on vacation, and Mary kept me feeling very connected to my babies even though my pet camera stopped working on day 1! She sent me photos and texts and I felt so comfortable knowing Mary was looking out for them.

In the end, she won over all of my dogs! I ended up feeling even more relaxed with Mary than I had been with my previous pet sitter.

I cannot recommend Mary at Golden Paws enough! She is amazing and she really looks out for your furry friends!

​- Kat Y.



Mary has been caring for my cats for awhile and has done a tremendous job.  I think they are disappointed when I return because they love Mary so much!  The house is immaculate when I return and all my requests have been taken care of.  You couldn't ask for a better pet sitter and for such a reasonable cost.

- Debby R.

Dutch is my English Cream Golden and he was three months old when he came home to me. (Dutch is now almost 2 yrs old and we're in the middle of relocating to Fort Worth (for my job). I'm trying to convince Mary to come with us, but understand her staying. 😊)

At the time I was single & traveling a lot for work.  I needed (very!!) reliable help who was willing to take on a puppy. And that's when I reached out to Mary at Golden Paws. .Mary was with us from the very beginning and I have nothing but FANTASTIC things to say about her.

Mary would stay over at my house with Dutch + housesit (for things like take out/in the trashcans & get the mail, which is great, too!)  Mary had Dutch most weeks (because I was traveling non-stop). Over the past year and a half, Mary has been AMAZING. I never worried leaving Dutch with her -- either for his walks or overnight.

I definitely recommend Mary. She's super reliable, dependable, very open communicator, and really does make my life MUCH easier!!  (Occasionally, even, for travel delays/cancellations or work commitments, when I was delayed home, she was always very accommodating to last minute changes.)  Honestly -- and I don't say this lightly -- Mary may as well be family!!  Dutch and I certainly love her like it & it certainly shows that she loves us back!!

- Abby M.





I have two large dogs and two cats.  One of my cats has to take several medications.  In the past, I have always boarded the dogs at a kennel and had a neighbor watch the cats- but the medicines for my cat are an issue.  I was recommended to Mary Maloney,  the owner of Golden Paws Pet Sitting.  Prior to leaving on a trip, Mary came over and spent 1 1/2 hours with me and my fur babies.  She wrote down all the instructions and was very detailed.  While out of town, she sent me emails/text messages daily with pictures of the dogs and cats.  The dogs are so much happier at home!  She is great with them!  When I returned home, she had written out Daily Visit Checklists reflecting the date and tasks performed. She also includes notes with observations of the dogs and cats. My pets are now so spoiled.  Mary takes amazing care of them and I totally trust her in my home and with my pets.  My dogs will no longer be boarded at a vet, they will stay with Mary.  She truly loves animals and it shows.

-B. Howell 

Petting Sitting and Dog Walking in Houston

Mary Maloney has taken care of my father in law's dog, Skipper. She is dedicated to her business. Mary stands out above other pet sitting services for several reasons. She gives daily written reports, feeds, walks, cuddles, loves on pets, is timely, calm, is a dog whisperer and gives 110%. We will continue to use her and she has us clients for life.

- Roberta R.

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